Kristina’s Russian Verb Drills course is highly effective. There is a lot of material out there on the internet, but this course really helped me. I’m the type of learner that really benefits from listening to varied and repeated audio – it helps me memorizeand the new words become second nature. Listening to a native speaker is great because you can hear and repeat the correct pronunciation of the verbs right away, and avoid memorizing incorrectly. The charts and supplemental materials also help me understand and absorb all the new verb forms to see it laid out clearly.


I really like the straightforwardness of the course. I am at an intermediate level, so I know a lot of the verbs, but I still struggle with quickly conjugating them correctly. This is the clearest approach to categorize Russian verbs that I have encountered. I like that the audio drills are downloadable. I can take it on the go. The explanation videos were helpful even though I did not think I would learn much. Thank you for putting in hard work on this course! I am not very far into it, but I know I will continue to grow in my fluency and naturalness of speaking Russian as I work through the verb drills.


The verb drills are invaluably helpful. It can take a long time to absorb grammar rules, but Kristina’s verb drills condense it and make it possible to actually learn it in an amount of normal time in a fun and non-intimidating way. There’s a lot of information in the drills but it’s presented in an easy way. I enjoy these drills and Kristina’s explanations are clear and understandable. A very good teacher. I recommend the drills.


I am 68 years old and finally, after retiring, I decided to learn Russia; something I wanted to do for a long time. I started learning by memorizing vocabulary (nouns and verbs) and grammar rules without much of any context- not a good idea. I felt that I reached a plateau in my learning and couldn’t go any further. In fact, I found that I was beginning to lose previously memorized rules and vocabulary. Kristina’s verb drills added a form of contextual information that I needed to associate verb modality and conjugation rules to groups of similar verbs.


This course has three great features. Firstly, it includes audio recordings of the most common conjugation patterns. Hearing and writing Russian together helps me retain what I’ve learned. Secondly, it teaches 15 or more conjugation patterns, going beyond the commonly taught two. Lastly, the course includes drills. Although drills may not be the most enjoyable aspect of language learning, they are essential. Overall, this course fills a gap in Russian language learning materials.


The Verb Drills course has enabled me to learn verb conjugation and apply it to my Russian conversations. Through this course, I have been able to learn and memorize these verbs without the tedious task of memorizing long lists of conjugations. As a result, I feel more confident when speaking the Russian language and I no longer find myself pausing in the middle of a sentence to search for the correct verb usage. One aspect I particularly appreciate about Ms. Kristina’s course is her responsiveness. She diligently addresses any questions I have about the program or grammar usage within a day. Her commitment to my success in Russian language studies is truly commendable.


This Russian Verbs Drills is an extraordinary course. Since I started practicing these verbs my understanding and memorization of Russian has improved incredibly. Kristina has made this course as an exciting adventure of the Russian language, with a clear and slow diction, and above all the method of repetition of verbs at random makes one memorize the verbs without effort, and also in present, past and future, what more can one ask for?


The course has helped me recognize a hidden logic behind the conjugation of different verbs. It effectively distinguishes between verbs that may initially appear similar, but it shows how and why they are conjugated differently. The drills provided are helping me internalize the instinctive use of different verb forms. Although it’s still early days for me, I’m starting to see good progress and am learning to use the different forms naturally.


It is incredibly helpful to be able to listen to the verbs again and again and to see several examples of verbs for the same groups. The fact that it is both in video format and in written form, which one can print out is also a big plus. I’m not fully done with the course and will be able to turn back and learn all verbs eventually, which I appreciate, so I don’t need to stress about a limited time period.


I really appreciate the time and energy that went into creating the templates for each of the conjugation types. It seems to me that it could only have come from someone who has had a lot of experience teaching conjugations, as well as someone who has the ability to analyze a multitude of information and then reorganize it to demonstrate its pattern. It’s very much like assembling a 500-piece puzzle.


I use drills in my own teaching as a speech therapist & English teacher, and therefore I have confidence that these work. More precisely they function to provide the foundation for fluency in communicating by giving targeted practice in a challenging but integral skill: verb inflection or using the variant verb forms in real-time speech. This is in particular a difficult task in conversation vs writing. I would strongly recommend context-based verb drills therefore for those who are serious about acquiring the essential language skills needed to communicate in any language, and especially a demanding language such as Russian.


Well, so far this course is a Game Changer of the best kind! I’m over halfway through and I work at it every day. What makes it work is the organization of the material! I have verb books and grammar books from previous study, but Kristina’s course goes beyond any of these. Again, with this course, I don’t have to struggle to find the various types of conjugations, the consonant-shifts, the stress markings: they are all right there. I simply, and attentively, follow the course and do the listening drills, I go through all sample sentences, and I have the lists of verbs that each model demonstrates. Honestly with this course I am gaining confidence in my use of Russian. (I am about A2/B1 on the CEFR) Thank you Kristina!


Russian is not a language you can simply “pick up”, you need some structured, solid grammar to help you along and this course is definitely a winning ticket. Thanks for your hard work!


The drills were so helpful. I think what you are offering for verbs with fill in the blanks is so clever. I know that you take your work very seriously and it shows by what you offer. I for one have really benefitted by your courses. Russian is very difficult but you make it fun and interesting. Thanks so much.


I love how this resource gives a structure to the apparently chaotic Russian verb system. Before I found it, I had no idea how to approach such a tremendous task. Its verb drills are awesome at developing the intuition needed to correctly conjugate verbs on the go. I listen to them while I perform activities that don’t require all my attention, like cooking or washing the dishes, and after a couple of days it becomes second nature the conjugation of that verb group. Then I used Anki to learn the verbs in the same group and try to recreate the verb drills with other verbs that conjugate in the same way. While I haven’t finished the course, I am very pleased with it. If like me you feel the need for a structured approach to this important aspect of language learning, the conjugation of verbs, then I highly recommend you this course.


I’m enjoying the course very much. There seems to be nothing missing, and it’s refreshing to have an alternative approach to navigating the long and winding road that Russian verb conjugation represents. It’s designed to be not only helpful for beginners, but indeed for everyone who is studying the Russian language. I recommend this for everyone. I only wish I had more time every day to allocate to it.


I am still making my way through the Russian Verb course. There is a lot to learn! It is very helpful to learn about the different categories of verbs. In my Russian classes we only learned about the 1st and 2nd conjugations. I saw that there were many exceptions, but it all seemed so random. Having them classified into a fixed (but still fairly numerous) groups makes it easier to grasp. I have never seen this topic discussed in the various Internet groups that I follow. It is very valuable information. Thank you.


Very helpful and interesting course. The audio drills definitely help memorizing in an easier way all the Russian conjugations. I also found very helpful the list of the most important Russian verbs and their conjugation models. The possibility to download the lessons under the form of mini podcast gives you the chance to listen and listen again to the audio while, for example, you are training or simply driving the car.


I’m still making my way through the course but am already finding it tremendously helpful. It’s so nice to have recordings that I can use on my daily walks and I can see a difference in my response time when speaking Russian. I also loved that the drills are in mixed order. It really helps to uncover which ones I’m still struggling with.


Albert Einstein said, “The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple.”  By breaking this subject into bite-sized pieces, and in a very organized manner, that’s what you have done. There are so many resources, but the verb drills will continue to provide an essential core to correctly learning to properly express myself in Russian. A good investment. Thanks!


I enjoyed the organization that was applied to Russian verbs. I now have the ability to determine how new verbs will be conjugated by matching them with model verbs. The drills were helpful. It does take work and time to complete them. I now have a basic understanding of Russian verb conjugation. I think this will help improve my reading comprehension immediately, and with continued practice it will improve my comprehension of spoken Russian. Thanks to Kristina for all the work she put into this.


What I really like is how this course has opened up verbs to me. I already knew how to conjugate verbs, but applying the model patterns learned, has quickly and confidently helped me to put a wide variety of verbs to use. For me the repetitive drills are a great way to put the patterns to memory and, especially, to imitate the mechanics of correct pronunciation. The ‘on the go’ feature for the drills is much appreciated. I also like the various resource material supplied with the course and the fact that the word lists have links to Wiktionary. It is a very well thought out and practical course. I like that it is structured and interactive.


I do not love learning pure grammar classes. However, in your course “Russian Verb Drills” you managed to administer the grammar in a way that is very interesting, focused and useful. Whenever I have a bit of time, I pick up a verb or two, look at them, listen to them, and repeat them after you with a smile on my face. The great benefit is that I can now recognize verbs much better when I study your excellent course “News in Slow Russian”. Thank you so much for your excellent courses which give me the pleasure of immersing myself in your beautiful mother tongue.


This course is fantastic!! it has really helped me a lot because when I started learning Russian 2 or 3 years ago, I only have the knowledge about two ways of conjugation. But then I realized that there were many verbs that didn’t conjugate the same way as the ones of the 2 patterns I knew, and it was kind of difficult to memorize each verb separately. Now with this course I understand the way Russian conjugation works, it’s not that there are 2 simple groups but many groups and ways of conjugation and now I see why some verbs are conjugated one way or another. The way the course is depicted is great because it allows you to grasp the different patterns of conjugation and the audio drills definitely help a lot because with repetition the model verbs get stuck in your head!!


I’m only halfway through the course, but already found it to be extremely helpful! I find it’s already taking me less time to recall the correct conjugation when speaking and by the end of the course I’m sure that I’ll be even more confident in my abilities. I also love that’s it’s lifetime access and not a monthly payment so that I can truly take my time with the course and not have to worry about rushing through it to avoid paying for too many months and knowing that the material I need will always be there and won’t disappear if I cancel a monthly subscription. Great value for money!


I am just starting out learning Russian and was interested to take Kristina’s Russian Verb Drills course. I have finished listening to her lessons on conjugating verbs in the present, past, and future tenses. Lots to absorb! Kristina does an excellent job explaining the different conjugation groups and how they conjugate in each tense. She has nicely provided a list of verbs by conjugation type, also indicating if the verb is perfective or imperfective, and which of the three stress patterns it follows.


The drills are fantastic!! I’m still in the middle of doing the course. I think that Kristina has devised the perfect method for study. You can follow along with the worksheets while you are listening. For me it is the perfect method to learn. I can easily make notes, and re-study anything I need to, and do the exercises on my own. I’m leaning in leaps and bounds with this course, and I am really understanding what I’m doing.


I have not finished the verb drills course but I am finding it helpful so far. In the past my language progression has been slowed by how terrible I was at conjugating verbs when speaking, and understanding their conjugated form when listening. Using these drills has helped me make some sense if it. Being able to hear the conjugated verbs spoken by a native speaker has definitely helped my listening comprehension and pronunciation.


The Russian Verb Drills have increased my understanding. This course helps me calm my anxiety about Russian verbs. Thank you very much! I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn the Russian language. The format is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. You can pick which lesson you want to work on. I am glad this course is here.


I haven’t completed the full course yet, but I’ve picked up more about Russian verb conjugation from this course with the little I’ve done than from all the other material I’ve sourced in my pursuit of learning the Russian language. In terms of understanding Russian verb conjugation, the sixteen conjugation groups (being different from other material) have facilitated getting my head around the conjugations by logically segmenting and isolating verbs based on common characteristics – in other material, I’ve seen as few as six groups where the patterns aren’t made clear. The drills are invaluable and are the most important component of the course. I don’t think anyone can say they enjoy doing drills, but the feature of reciting the conjugations out of order means I can revisit a drill without it feeling repetitive. The introduction videos help put the subsequent material into perspective and the supporting documents provide a valuable hard-copy resource. All-in-all, this course delivers full value for the money.


I find the course quite useful. The organization of verb groups and models provides the structural practical oversight that has been missing in my studies so far. Looking at all the efficient options available for Russian verb studies, I feel that the course is the best and gives me an overview of the structural system from the top down while provides me with a way to approach my verb studies. I feel that the drills are invaluable and the only way to burn the verb groups and models into my memory. The course has cleared up a lot of uncertainty that I have had in conjugating Russian verbs in the past. I feel that the video explanations are quite clear and the written materials are very well presented to appreciate the comparisons between the different verb groups. I enjoy working through the verb groups and models as well as the extensive common verb listing provided with the course. I can recommend this course to any serious student of the Russian language.


The Russian Verb Drills are definitely helping me. I understand the verb mechanisms much better. Drilling the models makes absolute sense. Once you are familiar with the sounds and stress patterns, going through the grouped verb list and conjugating all sorts of verbs becomes fun. You know for sure that this time you’re getting it right. It’s kind of weird that these insights are not explicitly presented in grammar and course books. The drills are absolutely vital if you want to get a better more refined feel for the language. Good one Kristina- молодец!


Very helpful to make the conjugations into muscle memory, especially when some spoken, or even written, Russian relies at least partly on recognizing conjugation to communicate who did what to whom. Now, if I don’t catch the noun declensions, I can sometimes use the verb conjugation to help me understand. Breaking out the verbs into these groupings helped me to remember how to work beyond the standard textbook 1st and 2nd.


This and the other course are very thorough and practical. They help understand important aspects of Russian at a level which is immediately useful. The details presented are very clear. Subtle aspects of pronunciation are easier to understand. These are not present in other self-learning materials I have seen. The pacing of topic presentation is good, fast enough to not be boring, not so fast as to make the topic difficult to grasp.


I think the audio drill system is very powerful and useful. It has helped me remember the correct forms much more rapidly and say them better than I ever have before. It was really worth the money! Learning pairs of verbs was also helpful because that’s how you ought to remember them in general anyway.


The audio drills helped me memorize the different verb forms and in practicing the correct pronunciation. I do not yet know if they helped me to gain speed while speaking Russian (because I do not have conversations in Russian until now) but they sure helped me to feel comfortable with the different verb forms. They feel more ‘familiar’ and ‘known’. I liked the drills a lot.


I enrolled in the course based on previous reviews. I am also an advanced intermediate Russian learner. I thought the drills would be too basic but I have found them to be INVALUABLE. They have helped enormously, with not only fluency but, in clarifying subtle pronunciation and conjugation confusion. Thank you Kristina!


I’m about half-way through the course. I “knew “all the verb forms before I got started but I couldn’t just pull them out of the air automatically and my pronunciation was truly awful. I’m being disciplined about doing each verb completely and repeating tenses I stumble on., so it’s taking me a while, but the time and the effort are absolutely worth it. I love it when I’m distracted doing a verb form but the right word comes out anyway. That means it’s working!


This course provided rigorously precise and complete drill material for my ears alone, eyes alone, or ears and eyes together, and structured it modularly, so that I can proceed on as much material as I want to or can learn at any one time, and since there is no closure, I can re-attack or review the material further any time hereafter. The printouts and recordings are of the highest quality; very professional; which pays respect to me, the student, and makes me want to honor them in return by paying them the study they deserve. I have not finished the drills, but those I have I recognize in my happenstance readings of Russian text. Oh, yes, I say, when I see a particular verb form from the class, I recognize that and know what it means. On such occasions I know I am drawing from my long-term memory, not short-term memory. Then I know the course has been worthwhile indeed, for it has instilled in me something unforgettable. I therefore want to and intend to master even more of the material.


I had never considered learning verbs in groups before. I found the explanations to be very helpful as they answered many of my questions about why I use certain verbs in specific ways. I also enjoyed the listening exercises, but the most useful part for me was the examples. By learning specific sentence structures, I am now able to create a collection of go-to sentences that I can modify with different words. Thank you for providing this course!


I love the verb drills for giving me models to hear patterns that intuitively sounds right. Kristina explains all the rules for how each model verb is reduced to its stem & what alterations may occur, but wants me to focus on hearing what sounds right. If she didn’t give the model’s rules my brain would wonder why I’m just trying to memorize so much by ear. And if she only gave the rules, it wouldn’t help realtime interactions. This is the best balance of explanation & moving towards naturally hearing what sounds correct. Both of her courses are more in depth than I expected. And out of all the grammar, language books, and apps I’ve purchased, or tried while learning Russian, I would say Kristina’s courses are definitely one of my top favorites. The most useful, best return for least time investment. After just beginning her courses, I returned to other language apps understanding what I was getting wrong because the apps didn’t explain, nor fully train auditory intuition with immersion. I really am thankful for her courses.


The course is nicely structured and very helpful. The drills become second nature which helps you learn the variety of verbs correctly the first time around. I highly recommend this course to students of all levels.


Russian is a very, very hard language, and it is easy to be discourage while trying to learn it. The verb drills, just as all the other material here, is not only extremely helpful, it also makes the work fun. I heartily recommend anyone struggling with this language to get a copy of the Russian Verb drills! The drills are set up in bite sized sections, so it is easy to squeeze in a few drills every day. I had a fairly good grasp of Russian verbs before buying this course, and found it very useful. The great thing with the course is that I think it would fit students of all different levels. Be this the first look into verbs or as a help after already learning about verbs, this course will serve you very well. Это действительно хороший курс!


I love your detailed explanations in everything that you offer! Your verb drills class is no different. I can see that you care about your students’ comprehension and that you have put a lot of thought into your lessons. I especially love your organization of the verbs. I respond well to drills, so your technique is extremely helpful to me. You have a wonderful teaching style, and I continue to visit your page often to see if you have offered anything new for me to take advantage of.


I am an upper-beginner student of Russian, and the verb system can definitely feel overwhelming, especially once you realize that there are way more conjugation groups than just two! This verbs drill course helped me immensely. I regularly go back and listen to different groups that I am studying, and as someone who learns best by writing, the templates were a huge help to me as well. I definitely recommend this course!


Amazing instruments to understand and finally master the Russian verb conjugation. Cristina explains clearly and in detail. It is the best investment I made to understand and improve my language learning. The content is very easy to understand and self-intuitively organized the printable material is extensive and very useful. I was able to automatically conjugate many verbs I already knew and learn new ones effortlessly.


I am just 50% through the course and I intend to complete it fully. It’s helping me to remember verb endings. The best thing is that each drill is only about 7 minutes long, so I can do one or two or three at any convenient time of the day, and can also do other routine, manual tasks at the same time, like washing the dishes. Also, all the content is efficiently presented. I am beginning to understand how the conjugations work.


I am still in the middle of it, but I am finding it illuminating. When I studied Russian in college, I learned that there were two main types of conjugations, but I did not realize that there were also a number of patterns – and that understanding those patterns would be critical to mastering Russian verb conjugations. Kristina has created a comprehensive and approachable treatment of verb conjugations, along with drills to practice, and I am excited to complete the course and put my learning to use.


This course is wonderfully organized and a joy to work through! Conjugations are one of the most difficult and daunting aspects of learning Russian, so having a straightforward course to drill them is really helpful. I like that the types of conjugations are logically broken down into groups and that you provided a list of other verbs in these groups that we can drill on paper with the provided verb template. Love this course, Kristina! Thank you!


The audio drills are extremely helpful. I use the printed tables to follow along with the audio, as I repeat aloud. I have a much clearer understanding of Russian verbs now, even though I am still working through the drills 👍 I think the audio drills are an excellent idea.


Grouping the verbs by how they are conjugated was super helpful. It made it so much easier to retain them. It helped me focus my efforts to learn verbs in a systematic way. The drills were helping me recall the conjugation faster.


I haven’t got to the drills yet. But I’m just loving seeing a pattern unfold in the seemingly impossible maze of Russian verbs. It made me feel lighter, encouraged. The difficulty with verbs, added to the cases, made me feel small and inadequate at times. This course helps me see it is difficult but surely no impossible, so I am infinitely grateful. Understanding what you learn is very important to me, and that is exactly what this course is about. I found gold.


I’ve learned lots of verbs in less time because as soon as I find a verb, I can give it a determined place in the system, which helps my memory recall later. The map is well structured and has few gaps. I enjoy finding the place for every new verb and knowing immediately how that verb conjugates. I have now a much better understanding of the Russian conjugation system.


Thank you very much for creating this program. I used to be rather nonchalant about my Russian verbs. I usually get the endings right, but I didn’t know which used я or ю, и or е, or that they were connected. Much less thinking about which verbs changed their stem consonants or added an extra л. And I never thought about the masculine past tense forms that don’t have an л! So now I know, and can practice them until they sit their glued in my mind.


Russian is a complicated language and I found this course so well organized and with great details, such as color coding for the verb endings, and links to help understand these conjugations. I can only thank Kristina and recommend this course to anyone trying to learn Russian. Kristina’s Russian Verbs is so much more helpful than the expensive course books I have. I particularly found invaluable the course drills – this is the way to learn.


It has absolutely helped me! I was already really comfortable with the easiest of conjugations from years of exposure (Group 1) and the most commonly used 25 or so verbs, but I had so many gaps with the other form that it was paralyzing when I went to write or speak with verbs that I wasn’t as familiar with. I really enjoy the drills, just having them on my phone and being able to practice/review them when I need to. The drills have been really great for not only improving my reaction times and comprehension, but my accent and proper pronunciation as well. Lifetime access is especially important to me and one of the key reasons I signed up.


Hi Kristina, I am an absolute beginner with the Russian language with 3 months actual learning also being the first language that I have ever tried to learn other than English. I am still at the start practicing Present tense first conjugation with the aid of the template you provided. The course so far has helped me immensely with understanding how the words are formed depending on how you use them. Up until now this aspect of the language was really doing my head in..lol


The verb drills are helping a lot, I like to learn a new drill every night along with my other Russian lessons. They’ve really helped me understand verbs and how to conjugate so much! I really enjoyed having the verb conjugations explained to me and then a part where I may fill out the table myself to see how much I understand. Your verb drills have helped open my eyes a lot to conjugations and I cannot wait to finish them!


Kristina’s explanations of verb forms are pretty good, but the drills are very valuable! Nothing beats repetition for nailing something down in the old memory banks. I don’t enjoy doing drills over and over, I don’t enjoy struggling with various verb forms, but I do enjoy suddenly realizing that I have an understanding of the conjugations that I didn’t have before! Put in the work and the results will be rewarding. I have also found value in revisiting the explanations after having done some of the drills, they seem to make more sense to me now.


I’m finding it helpful but I’m not rushing through it. I’m trying to get the sound in my head. I’m advanced intermediate and so I know most of the forms so far (I’m only on #3), but listening and responding is correcting my mistakes and making the conjugations automatic. I really appreciate the printable documents and the way the all the verbs are matched to the ones in the 15 audio patterns.


The Russian Verb Drills course is thorough and comprehensive in helping to understand verb conjugations which are difficult to predict. The way Kristina has broken verbs down into these conjugation groupings is logical and very adaptable to verbs of the group families. Definitely worth the investment to progress my Russian literacy and fluency.


I am gradually working my way through the course, and so far it’s been very interesting. Knowing that all verbs can be categorised into 15 groups was a useful fact. I now have a basic understanding of verb conjugation and once I’ve finished the course, I’ll have even a far better understanding. By following the drills, I will no longer have to think too long in deciding the verb ending. The drills are indeed most helpful as is the accompanying pronunciation.


The Russian Verb Drills course really helps me to improve my knowledge of Russian language every day. I realized how Russian conjugation was logical and it reassured me. I’ve been studying with Kristina’s lessons for weeks now and I’ll use them as a reference each time I need. I feel that I make progress every day and it’s really promising. Later I want to become Franco-Russian interpreter and translator, to that end Kristina’s course give me strong bases in order to be able to achieve a high Russian level in a few years’ time.


I am still going through the exercise drills but I appreciate that you developed these new materials for students to improve their skills and to help fill in gaps in their knowledge. I think the drills will be helpful.


I am still in the beginning of the course so this is not a complete review, but the idea of model verbs and categories is really helping me to better understand how the verb system works. Before I found your course, I had a theory in my head that there might be some kind of pattern to conjugating verbs (apart from just type 1 &2), but I couldn’t find it anywhere and figuring out myself became overwhelming. So needless to say, I was especially thankful when I found your course. Lastly, as I’m an auditory learner, the audio drills are the perfect way for me to learn because they help me to have a native speaker pronunciation guide at my fingertips.


I appreciated the structured approach for categorizing verb types and drills on conjugation. Kristina goes at a good pace for me with clear annunciation and excellent presentation materials. By having the course available to me online I can review and practice the elements that are harder for me to understand over and over. Very good value for money. Kristina is very personable, has good facial expressiveness, and makes learning fun. She is also very encouraging but realistic that learning Russian takes dedication and practice.


The course was very informative. The videos were very thorough and informative. It helped me categorize all the different verb types not the various groups and also helped increase my vocabulary for verbs I didn’t know before. I do have a better understanding of how the verb conjugation system works now, and the drills were very helpful. The worksheets were also very helpful as they allowed you to always have something to reference on the go.


I have just started the Russian Verb Drills course and find it very helpful until now. The explanations of Kristina were clear and provided an excellent base upon which to build skills, recall and usage of verbs. After all, verbs are one of the most important parts about communicating in a foreign language. I am still going through the drills, only on group 3 but am encouraged with my progress until now.


This course has provided me with the additional language tools to finally achieve success in learning Russian. I have studied the Russian language for many decades with limited success. The only way I was finally able to learn and remember most Russian verbs was by using this program. The program is structured to teach each verb in the past, present, and future tenses. The repetitive drills were effective, and with some practice, I was able to successfully complete the course.


The Russian Verb Drills course helped me with remembering conjugation for the various forms. I seem to only use the “I” and “you” and forget the other forms. This course helped to reinforce the forms for me. I really like that I could work at my own pace. Since there is no time limit on when I need to finish each module, I could listen to each one as many times as I wanted. I liked that I was told when to stop and work on exercises. The drills were very helpful. I now have a better understanding of the Russian verb conjugation system.


To automate the verb conjugation pattern, having it in audio format is really helpful because you consistently hear correct pronunciation, which ultimately helps it stick in your mind. Furthermore, having the transcript is even more useful as it provides input from both listening and reading. This combination definitely improves my understanding. Initially, I thought there would be more stress patterns in conjugations, but the explanation that summarized it in three patterns effectively clarified the concept and made one of the most challenging aspects of the language easier. Without a doubt, these resources were helpful.


Kristina’s course helped me categorise the verbs in a way that eliminated many “irregular” verbs and showed how these could all be categorised together. The verb drills themselves really help to produce the verb form when needed automatically – my language exchange partner has really noticed a difference in my use of verb forms.


I am not done yet with the course, but what I found useful is the understanding of the different meaning a single verb can have, depending on the preposition which is preceding it, I mean the preposition combined with, forming the very stem of any verb. Audio drills are excellent for improving talking skills.


The course has helped me learn the six different forms (я, ты, он/она/оно, мы, вы, они) of the most common verbs. I love the audio drills. I can play them while I am cooking dinner, etc and practice. I like the setup, the fact that they go in order to begin, repeating what you say to then switching the order and sequence. Very nice. Also like the way the correct pronunciation is repeated after a pause for my answer. I like that instant feedback.


The course really helped to be able to produce the various verb forms automatically. It was easy to use. I am able to periodically go back and review the more troublesome verbs as need arises. The verbs chosen in the course seem to be the most frequently used verbs which I need for reading, listening, writing and speaking.


The Russian Verb Drills is an outstanding tool! It helped me notice the pattern in Russian Verbs declination, and the format, audio coupled with pdf print out, helped to remember the materials better. I still need to continue and complete the entire course, but I also want to take my time on each verb so I can add them to my long-term memory, instead of just going through the course at a faster paste.


I’m very glad I jumped into your course. It is very well structured and fits my way of organizing my studying. The website is well thought out. I am very hesitant to speak and need lots of speaking practice. The drills push me to speak and listen. I’ve recorded some of the drills and found mispronounced words I didn’t realize were wrong. The duration of each drill set is good. I do think the drills have helped to reinforce the differences in the verb forms. I’m still motivated to continue practicing the verb drills and look forward to the material on the imperative mood of the verbs. Thank you for your help.